Waste King L-8000 Review

For those who are looking for a great new water disposal system, the Waste King L-8000 is one to consider for the purchase decision. Offering the highest speeds at 2800 rpm, a 36 inch power cord for portability, removable splash guard for easy cleaning, a rust free grinding component, and the longest warranty that comes with any similar disposal system you can find, the Waste King L-8000 is the perfect choice for any home owner to consider, when they need a new disposal system. It also has the easiest installation, and works with any septic tank that you own, making it a system that can be used by any home owner. There is also a grinding component which was designed to minimize the noise, and makes for less wear and tear, meaning the Waste King L-8000 is going to last much longer than other systems on the market. The swivel impellers also reduce jamming, meaning that you are going to have to do little to no work, and you will not have to worry about having to unclog, or remove jams from the disposal system as often as you would have to with other systems on the market today.

Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal
4.8 out of 5 stars, 3210 customer reviews

Waste King L-8000 Pros & Cons

There are several pros to owning the Waste King L-8000 including: the 2800 rpm permanent magnet motor, which attracts anything to the disposal. There is also the grinding component, minimizing noise and wear and tear, jam free and mess free feeds, the 115 volts, 60 hertz, and 7.0 amps are amongst the lowest requirements to run a disposal system today, the 1.0 horsepower engine, the easiest installation, and the best warranty you are going to find on any system you were to purchase today. The great brand name is also recognized by millions of consumers, and is used in some of the professional lines of business as well, therefore when you purchase the machine, you know that you are going to get the quality build and construction, and that it is not going to give up on you after some use. Plus, if any problems do turn up, the warranty is going to cover the disposal system for repairs, and if necessary a replacement for the system you have purchased. Plus the fact that it works with any septic tank makes it the perfect system for any home owner to purchase, when looking for a new disposal unit at home.

There are a few cons to consider as well when purchasing the Waste King L-8000 system. The mounting system is quite difficult to set up, and many have complained that it is a pretty poor design choice by the manufacturer of the system. It also does not offer the brand name as some of the other big name sellers in the industry. One customer has claimed that the unit is by far the worst system to hook up, and although it does offer the power, and can be connected to any septic system, it took hours to connect, and he had to replace the unit once, due to a defect in the unit. Also, if you are not skilled in installing the systems, and have not done it in the past, the directions and installation directions are quite lacking for a first time installer to do the job on their own.

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Other than the design choice, and the mounting system being a bit poor, there have been no other customer complaints. Another customer claims that it is the best disposal they have ever owned, and have had the Waste King L-8000 in their home for over 4 years, without a single problem or complaint. It offers great features, an easy to understand design, and is very portable, due to the lightweight build, and the small size making it extremely easy to transport.

So, it is truly a great unit, and if you can get over the mounting system, and can get through the installation process, you are going to find that it is one of the better units you can install in your home, and choose for a disposal system in your home. The fact that it is extremely compact also makes for great under sink placement, and the 36 inch extension cord is perfect for those who are constantly looking to transport the unit, or move it around from time to time with the simplest of ease. So, when you are choosing a new disposal system, consider the Waste King L-8000 for the purchase choice.

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